Top 5 Betting Sites and Companies in Nigeria 2021

Below are some of the top 5 Best Betting Sites in Nigeria and it will be worthy to know that it’s no longer just about having passion for the game; it has come to the extent of making money from your passion of the game.

Various sports exist globally and even in Nigeria just as various fans/sport lovers for each of their desired sports and when it comes to actually making more from their passion and love for the game, they become faced with which of the top best sport betting sites/companies exist in Nigeria and this post is meant to guide you on which the top 5 best online sport betting sites/companies in Nigeria for 2021 are.

Various sport betting sites/companies come with their specs, benefits, requirements, features and uniqueness and this we will be analysing for us to arrive at the possible top best betting sites in Nigeria.

Its amazing how individuals have become so predictive in calculating the outcome of a game far before it even begins and this is due to how much time and resources they have put into knowing so much about the game and how keenly they have follow it which all translates into passion.

Endless social media and Instant Messenger groups have been created where experienced and professional like-minds and wannabe meet to share their knowledge and expertise on predicting the outcome of a game. Some are even able to predict for totally different games.

The confidence that ensues after hours of calculating and recalculating match fixtures often guarantees a total victory even before the game starts and the manner in which the odds are selected will always be amazing and the right betting site to use will always have a crucial role to play in all these as factors such as pay out time, bonuses, sign up bonus, ease of payment, ease of use of sites platforms, more and better odds, payout timeframe and a few more; will always have to be considered.

This is the reason a lot of players stick to just one platform, either because they have little knowledge of other platforms or they do not find their features inviting enough. Click to see the top betting sites in Nigeria with the best payment method .

However, no one platform can offer everything you desire in a betting site as they are also out to make profit but you should be able to narrow your search down judging from some of the offered features that you can go along with at least till another betting site with much features comes along.

The issue of betting site security and integrity comes to play here too as no one is willing to path ways with their money and not get value or dividend for it.

A betting site/company that doesn’t payout winnings as stated on its terms and condition will surely lose clients regardless of how juicing their offers might be and sames goes for sites/companies that short change/pay their clients after winning.

Some sites come up with various stories and excuses of administrative charges and the likes which where never stated on the terms and conditions but just in a bit to rip off their clients.

A site that doesn’t guarantee that the use of my credit/debit card for payment purposes on its website/platform is safe will always not attract new clients or retain existing ones as this will surely pose a financial security threat to such customers.

Almost every game lover wants to bet and in this age (technology) and time; who wants to queue to bet in a shop? Even managers of big corporation would love to try out his passion in betting and this is where the mobile and web platforms makes it very convenient to accommodate all varieties of players.

A betting site/company that doesn’t have a mobile platform at this age will surely be losing so many clients as this platform will create an easy medium for customers to sit in their offices, cars, home and some even in conferences and comfortably place their bets.

Feedback is always important as customers are constantly on their platforms predicting their next game and wins; these puts them in the best position to proffer advice and recommendations on how to make the platforms better and with this we offer you some of the top 5 performing sport betting sites in Nigeria as of 2021.

NOTE: This list was compiled based on Alexa rankings on 16th of February, 2021 with few research and analysis.

Bet9ja - Nigeriabet24

Its amazing to know that this Betting site actually ranks number 2 in Nigeria Alexa ranking just behind Google and far before Youtube and Facebook. It could be the number 1 ranking site in the nearest future and here are some of the features they offer that possibly is driving so much clients and traffic to them:

  • This sport betting site has so much outlets and branches like a popular bank in Nigeria (smiles). This could be one very good reason for its huge patronage as its easily accessible and remember Nigerians are always in a hurry so any betting site that is readily in sight will always be a huge advantage to them.
  • Their rate of online display advertising as well as offline posters and similar banner ads is second to none. As a matter of fact, they are the official sponsors of Big Brother Naija 2021 and that’s huge publicity on its own. Abi no be betting site wey you sabi you go place your bet? The more the adverts, the more it rings a bell in the heart of its sport lovers and when ever they choose to place a bet, Bet9ja surely will come to mind first.
  • Their payout is consistent and prompt even with the huge odds and bonus they offer. Who wouldn’t want these kind juicy offers na, especially when you are sure of yourself.
  • Her site is super user friendly, even if you were introduced to the site and you visit it for the first time; you hardly would need any guide on how to go about placing a bet and this could also be one of the reasons it is ranking so well among all sites in Nigeria.
  • Their bets cut across almost all sports in the world and this makes it really interesting as its customers aren’t restricted to some or few sports to bet at.

They have understood the business and have almost completely been able to keep to their promises and this puts more confidence in the heart of her esteem large customer base. These among other features currently make this betting site one of the best in Nigeria today.

1xbet- Nigeriabet24

Although being a foreign (European) company; it has partnered with Nigerian banks in both easy access to depositing funds in your account and being able to withdraw your winnings within 2hours.

I must say at the time of this writing the site loads quite a bit slowing which could be a short technical clinch however they are great exciting things about this sport betting site we should look into and why they are among the top betting site choices in Nigeria.

One of the reasons winners use this platform is its no work-day limit to when you’ll receive your winnings. This means you can receive credit alerts both during the week and weekend.

IxBet Offers 300% first deposit bonus, LIVE betting odds, bet booking, 2 matches accumulated bonus, cash-out, frequent promotional bonus , FAST/INSTANT payouts, 24/7 phone & live chat support, N250 million maximum winnings, N50 minimum Stake and a vast array of sports such as horse racing , virtual football, hockey, basketball , and a all-new Casino which includes a mobile and web platform for action on the go.

NairaBet- Nigeriabet24

Nairabet has a great customer support service, huge bonuses on first deposit with bonuses on accumulated bets and being the oldest(is said to date back to 2009) and the most financially stable and also fastest paying(pays promptly within 15 hours) betting company in Nigeria; these makes great qualities any customer of a betting company will be looking out for.

Some of Nairabets special features are that they: Offer great and huge odds, LIVE betting odds for games that are already on, 50% net profit monthly for AGENTS (No wonder they also have so many outlets all over the nation), frequent player bonuses, unique promotions, cash-out, prompt payouts, 24/7 phone & live chat customer support, excellent deposit methods, 10% Monday deposit bonus every week, virtual betting, N50 Minimum stake, N25 million maximum winnings per slip, Offers free bet (as you can see from the above snapshot) and a vast array of sports betting odds, and an all-new Casino which includes a mobile platform.

Although said to be the first to come up with a functioning website, it ranks 66th website in the country as at the time of this writing.

With good betting odds, this has to be on your list if you want to spread your winning arms. One of the reasons this is on the list is its ‘1 Game Spoilt, Still Get Paid’ program. This program pays you small cashback to your NairaBet wallet if all your bets won except one so its not a lose lose situation.

melbet homepage

This site is commonly wrongly confused to be the same as Bet9ja by betting newbies because of the similarity in pronunciation.

Ranking on the winners’ list of top bookies in Nigeria means a lot and this betting site is doing more to keep you coming as at the time of this writing, even odds where placed for the next governor of Lagos state 2021 election; I guess that’s taking the betting game to the next level.

It provides different mediums for funding your wallet which includes using USSD if you don’t have access to your debit card. This sports betting portal supports cash-out for losing bets so that you can save some money from a failed booking.

The payout is also available during weekdays and usually within 48hrs during peak time.

Melbet major features even as shown in the above snapshot are as follow: Offers LIVE betting, 200% first deposit bonus, 0-10 minutes crediting time, instant payout, N5 million maximum winnings , N100 minimum stake, cash-out,unique promotions, 24/7 phone & live chat customer support, and a vast array of sports betting odds on football, basketball, hockey virtual betting, and an all-new Casino which includes a mobile and PC plataform for action on the go. 100% paying, high odds, 35% bonus on 10 selections, 12hrs withdrawal, minimum stake N50, maximum winning N25, 000, 000.

Melbet is a fast paying betting company in Nigeria for online customers who wants to play with their laptop or mobile phones.

It only take few hours to withdraw your money from your betting account to your bank account. 100% bonus on first deposit plus bonus on accumulated bets. You can also place bets on a match or games that has already started or still in-play.

MerryBet- Nigeriabet24

Again I present to you another very old sport betting company in Nigeria it was founded by Ope Fashakin . It is one of those sports betting companies in Nigeria with huge followings and a large agent network.

An awesome feature of this betting site is the instant payment that allows you to withdraw your winning in seconds from a minimum of ₦1000.

The ‘Where Champions Play’ slogan signifies their vision of bringing all champions to their platform with captivating innovations.

Here are some of the major features they offer: LIVE betting odds, 100% deposit bonus, quick deposit methods using ATM online, N10 million maximum winning per slip , N100 minimum stake , frequent player bonuses, 0-10mimutes online account crediting time, +ACCA starts from 3 matches, unique promotions, instant payouts, 24/7 phone & live chat customer support, and a vast array of sports betting odds.

It only take few hours to withdraw your money from your betting account to your bank account. It takes less than 24hrs to withdraw from your Merrybet account to your bank account in fact, if you apply for your withdrawal before 8:30am you will receive your bank alert same day. 100% bonus on first deposit plus bonus on accumulated bets. You can also place bets on a match or games that has already started or still in-play.

This company is highly recommended for customers who wants to stake or place bets with their mobile phones or laptop.

There you have our top 5 sport betting sites and companies in Nigeria. Check out more betting sites in Nigeria here. We appreciate and encourage your comments on your thoughts about this list as we welcome feedback.

Happy betting and great winnings.

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